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Scholarship Application

If you feel your athlete(s) is/are eligible for a scholarship, submit this form with any relevant information to support your request. Each request will be reviewed by our administrative team, and you will be notified once a decision has been made via email.

If your athlete(s) scholarship(s) is/are approved, you will receive a 50% discount code to be used when filling out their season member registration form.

How to Apply

  1. Click the button above to go to the scholarship application.
  2. Click the "Sign In" button if you already have a SportsEngine account (not only from our club) or create a new SportsEngine account using your information, not your athlete's.
  3. Select your athlete's name if you have registered them on your SportsEngine account before, or enter their first and last name if you have not.
  4. Complete the "Athlete & Family Information" section, and continue to the next page.
  5. Enter details of your circumstances to support our team in making a decision on your application.
  6. Submit the form and wait for a decision from our admin team.

** Note: Athletes only need to be approved for a scholarship once per year. If your athlete was already approved in a past season, contact [email protected] to receive a new discount code.